Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

PECB Store is the first PECB online store that will offer ISO and IEC standards, toolkits, e-books, conference and event tickets, applications and other related products and services. We are committed to support our customers grow, which is why through the PECB Store you have the opportunity to buy and sell products and earn commission. 

PECB Store Vendor program is open to all companies that sell products related to ISO standards industry. The first step in becoming a PECB Store Vendor is to register in PECB Store through Create a New Account page. When creating an account the vendor should provide PECB Store with their business registration number, business license and the shop URL through which your customers find you.


For sales discount and other offers please check our deal of the day on the website or subscribe to our platform and receive emails for daily offers. 

As of now, PECB Store sells only electronic copies of the ISO and IEC standards, thus no hardcopy option is available for purchase in our site yet. 

PECB Store does not support the option of “buying as a guest”, thus in order to purchase products from PECB Store customers are required to create an account. 


To open an account as a customer, you should follow the below steps:

1. Open

2. On the upper right corner click My Account

3. On the dropdown menu select Register

4. Fill out the form with the requested information 

All standards purchased from PECB Store are the property of ISO and IEC organization and are available for the sole usage of the account holder who purchases the standard. Materials shall not be duplicated, reproduced, copied, distributed or sold in any format. 

Each standard purchased through PECB Store is marked with a watermark indicating the selling party, being PECB Group Inc. and the single-use license holder which is the account holder. 

The vendor program offers the opportunity for companies to earn the major part of earning for each product sold. For each vendor product sold the vendor will earn 70% while PECB Store will benefit the 30%. This is valid for all cases except for exclusive products and amounts above $1,000 where the vendor is entitled to 80% of the earnings.


Each product has the Wish List button which can be used by the customer to save the products they like but not necessarily want to purchase at the moment. 

The compare button is available in every product so that you can select different standards and compare their prices.  

PECB Store is updated with the latest products and sells the current published standard as per ISO Store site. The standards are always updated and are changed in accordance with the ISO updates. 

PECB Store offers the opportunity for companies to advertise on our website and gain large visibility. The advertisement for your company and/or product can be done in our Promotional Banner. As a vendor, you can submit a request for posting a banner from your vendor account, under Ads. 

Currently, the only method available for purchasing products in PECB Store is through PayPal. However, in the near future, we plan to offer other means of payment.

PECB Store offers coupon codes for different occasions so end clients can waive the price of purchased product. These coupon codes can be used during the checkout in the payment process by filling the section for coupon code.

When processing payments you can use other currencies besides US Dollars but you have to make a currency conversion on PayPal. To know more about PayPal charges for currency conversion please refer to their website. 

PECB Store is an online platform that mainly focuses on selling products related to ISO and IEC Standards, thus our vendors should be in line with our vision. All the products that are sold through PECB Store aim at assisting its end clients on gaining knowledge related to ISO and IEC Standards. 

Besides selling products which are owned by PECB Group Inc., PECB Store has a license to sell standards from ISO and IEC. Furthermore, through its Vendors Program, PECB Store will bring a variety of products from different companies closer to you.

In order to purchase at PECB Store you need to have a PayPal. To know more about opening an account with PayPal please refer to their website. 

Everyone is welcomed to purchase at PECB Store, however, our products are aimed for end-users (especially the standards) since we have to follow a copyrights procedure. 

The customer can make a request to cancel a product and ask for a refund only in the below cases:

1. One did not receive the purchased item they paid for;

2. If the purchased item does not contain all files described on the product page;

3. If the item purchased is corrupted even after our investigation;

4. The buyer has the ground to prove that the product is counterfeit.

For more information regarding the refund request please check our Refund Policy

The annual maintenance fee for the vendor account is $100 as per our Vendor Terms and Conditions. 

The online courses available for purchase are Introduction Courses that aim to assist individuals in expanding and gaining knowledge on a standard. Introduction Courses do not include exams, thus the purchaser is not entitled to a certificate.

Currently, the PECB Store only supports electronic files. To receive the product you purchased on PECB Store, please go to "My Account", then under "My Purchases" you will find the product you have purchased.  You will be able to download the product by simply clicking on the "Download" button. 

On the right side of the Homepage you will see the option My Account, which after you click shows two options; Login and Register. When you click Register you will need to fill your personal information in order to open an account. If you already have a PECB user account, you don’t need to register a new one on PECB Store, you can use the same credentials to log in. 

If you have created an account on the PECB main website, you can use the same credentials to enter PECB Store.