PECB Store GDPR Assessment Notice

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The General Data Protection Regulation has replaced the EU Data Protection Directive since May 25, 2018. The aim of the GDPR is to unify the data protection laws across the union. The EU parliament approved the publication of the General Data Protection Regulation, proposed by the European Commission, for the protection of fundamental rights of natural persons with regard to the processing of data. 


The protection of personal and organizational data is ever crucial in a constantly growing cross border market environment. The General Data Protection Regulation requires safeguards and measures for protecting personal data, ensuring safe data processing and managing notifications of potential breaches. The need for safeguards and measures that enable security of personal data is expected to constantly increase; organizations are required to comply with the regulation to ensure the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the natural persons in regard to the processing of personal data.

PECB Store being part of PECB Group Inc. shares the same rigorous principals, controls, and responsibilities when it comes to complying with the GDPR regulation to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of its users. The PECB Store Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy have been drafted to share with full transparency the methods PECB Store uses to collect, control, and process its customer’s personal data.


PECB is committed to maintaining its privacy and information security standards when gathering, using, transferring, and retaining personally identifiable data of its users.

PECB Store users control their own personal data stored and processed by PECB. PECB Store offers its users the tools needed from them to check what personal data is PECB Store storing, and also manage your privacy settings by exercising your right to withdraw your consent.

Data Security

Integrity and confidentiality

Personal data are processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organizational measures.

Data Minimization

Although PECB offers a wide variety of products and services, PECB Group Inc. pays close attention to its data collection processes. Its internal procedures and policies are designed having in mind the GDPR data minimization principle in terms of the volume of data collected, and the retention period. PECB Store only collects the personal data needed and required to offer its services. PECB Store Data Protection Policy states with guidance on how its users can exercise their GPDR given Data Subject Rights.

Data Anonymization

PECB Store protects any personally identifiable data in its databases by deleting or encrypting them. When the personal data are shared from one department to another, the personally identifiable data are removed to keep the customers anonymous and reduce the risk of disclosure. The anonymization of data is done by using various techniques such as encryption, generalization, and deletion when applicable.

Security Measures

Serving a worldwide clientele, PECB Group Inc. and PECB Store have implemented strict security measures and conduct internal training sessions on a continuous basis for its employees who are authorized to access and process its customer’s personal data. The PECB Store collected personal kept secured and are restricted for access. Only authorized, trained and responsible employees are able to access the PECB Store customer’s personal data. PECB Store employees are trained, examined, and certified against the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, and undergo information security awareness sessions on a quarterly basis.

PECB Store DPO – Data Protection Officer

PECB Store has appointed a DPO, who has been trained and Certified against the PECB GDPR Certified Data Protection office scheme. The appointed DPO plays an important role in enforcing and exercising the data subject rights and reporting infringements. The appointed DPO administers with the data protection regulation within the PECB Group Inc. and PECB Store.

The appointed DPO designs and conducts informative sessions with the aim to inform and advise the data controllers and processors of their GDPR obligations.

Additional DPO responsibilities consist of: monitoring compliance, conducting internal audits and acts as a point of contact for individuals exercising their GDPR given rights.

For any questions, additional information regarding the PECB Store compliance against the EU GDPR, please contact the PECB Store DPO at:

Email address:

Phone number:         +1-844-426-7322

Address:                   336-6683 Jean Talon St E

 Montreal QC H1S 0A5