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ISO 9073-13


ISO 9073-13:2023

ISO 9073-13:2023 Nonwovens-Test methods Part 13: Repeated liquid strike-through time (simulated urine)

ISO 11798


ISO 11798:2023

ISO 11798:2023 Information and documentation-Permanence and durability of writing, printing and copying on paper-Requirements and test methods

ISO/TR 5202


ISO/TR 5202:2023

ISO/TR 5202:2023 Buildings and civil engineering works-Building resilience strategies related to public health emergencies-Compilation of relevant information

ISO 9073-1


ISO 9073-1:2023

ISO 9073-1:2023 Nonwovens-Test methods Part 1: Determination of mass per unit area

ISO 23256


ISO 23256:2023

ISO 23256:2023 Water quality-Detection of selected congeners of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls-Method using a flow immunosensor technique

ISO 24569


ISO 24569:2023

ISO 24569:2023 Ships and marine technology External firefighting system test methods

ISO 6603-2


ISO 6603-2:2023

ISO 6603-2:2023 Plastics-Determination of puncture impact behaviour of rigid plastics Part 2: Instrumented impact testing

ISO/IEC 9075-16:2023 Information technology-Database languages SQL Part 16: Property Graph Queries (SQL/PGQ)