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ISO 22927

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ISO 22927:2021

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ISO 22927:2021 Rare earth — Packaging and labelling

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This document specifies requirements and recommendations for the packaging and labelling of rare earth ores, concentrates, compounds, metals and alloys that are intended for sale or free distribution. It defines the performance and structure of packaging, and specifies the information to include on the labelling. These requirements and recommendations are designed to ensure quality assurance, enhance safety and prevent environmental pollution during the transportation and storage of rare earth products.

This document is applicable to packaging and labelling during transactions between companies. It does not include packaging by companies during storage in their own plant.

The method of labelling defined in this document enhances safety by indicating properties of rare earth products and ensures appropriate management of the product by indicating the identity of suppliers.

Standard Number ISO 22927:2021
Title ISO 22927:2021 Rare earth — Packaging and labelling
Status Published
Publication Date 16 Jun 2021
Committee ISO/TC 298 Rare earth
Publisher PECB Store
Format PDF
Pages 13
Price $ 93.00
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