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This document discusses the syntax and semantics for recognizing patterns in rows of a table, as defined in ISO/IEC 9075-2, commonly called “SQL/RPR”.

SQL/RPR defines two features regarding row pattern recognition:

— Feature R010, “Row pattern recognition: FROM clause”

— Feature R020, “Row pattern recognition: WINDOW clause”

These two features have considerable syntax and semantics in common, the principle difference being whether the syntax is placed in the FROM clause or in the WINDOW clause.

Standard Number Standard Number ISO/IEC 19075-5:2021
Title Title ISO/IEC 19075-5:2021 Information technology — Guidance for the use of database language SQL — Part 5: Row pattern recognition
Status Status Published
Publication Date Publication Date 01 Sep 2021
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ICS ICS 35.060
Committee Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 Data management and interchange
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