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ISO 19600

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ISO 19600 Introduction

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PECB The ISO 19600 Introduction training course enables you to become familiar with the basic concepts of a Compliance Management System (CMS). 

Language: English

$ 149.00

A PECB introduction training course will enable participants to gain or expand their knowledge on the relevant standard or field. 

The PECB ISO 19600 introduction training course focuses on the acquisition of basic knowledge necessary for the implementation and effective management of a Compliance Management System (CMS), as recommended in ISO 19600 

Individuals interested in this training course will understand the importance of a CMS and the benefits that businesses, society and governments can obtain. Additionally, they will be introduced with the structure of the standard and its requirements and the fundamental concepts and principles of a Compliance Management System. 

Duration 1 (one) Training Day
Certification N/A
Exam N/A
Publication Date 28 Jun 2018
Price $ 149.00
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